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The Unique Story of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

BlackdiamondengagementringsAn engagement ring is a symbol of unity between 2 people. 2 people whom love one another so much that they intend to spend the rest of their lives together. That IS the dream, is it not? Now, how do you make this fairy tale ending unique? Try something different, step outside of the restraints of normality; as Carrie Bradshaw did when she received her black diamond engagement ring, during her proposal in Sex in The City 2. Yes, black diamond engagement rings are for the woman who wants that fairytale ending, with a bit of a twist.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings Are Real

Black diamonds ARE, in fact, real diamonds, formed much like their more common “colorless” counterparts. The only difference lying within the inclusion of graphite during the diamonds natural creation; inside an environment of unbelievable heat and pressure. It is also possible to artificially enhance black diamonds through a process involving irradiation and heat. The jury is out about which process yields better black diamonds. Some postulate that the natural process can create slight discolored patches, while others dislike the “artificial” manufacturing of colored stones. Each black diamond engagement ring, whether naturally colored or artificially infused, should be as unique as the wearer and their relationship. No 2 people are exactly alike, so why should their diamonds be?

The Mysterious Appeal Of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are so unique, that their origins are shrouded in mystery. Some believe that they are the result of extreme cosmic environments that fused and compress carbon into itself, then flung the newly created mass into the universe, only to rain down onto surrounding planets as meteors. Others believe that they may have extraterrestrial origins. This belief comes from the discovery of trace elements, such as nitrogen and hydrogen, within black diamonds; which has led many scientists to believe that these special stones are closely linked to extraterrestrial activity from beyond the stars.

But, no matter which method of creation you prefer, or the origin story you wish to believe in, there is no denying the mystically pleasing appeal of black diamond engagement rings. They do not possess the usual sparkle that is normally associated with colored stones; due to their polycrystalline structure, instead, a black diamond’s beauty rests in its highly reflective luster. This quality adds to the mystery, and sometimes erroneous thought that black diamond engagement rings are of lower quality than other stones. In fact, black diamonds are so unique that they can’t be graded on the same scale with other stones. Proving black diamonds to be, yet again, in a league all of their own.

If You Want Unique, Go Black Diamond

At any rate, black diamond engagement rings are sure to capture the eyes of all passers by. When coupled with other colored, or colorless, stones the contrast makes for an aesthetic masterpiece; a level of unique beauty that could not be reached without the accentuation of a, or many, properly cut and polished black diamonds. Black diamond engagement rings are as versatile and customizable as any other stone, so go on, make it unique, make a statement, make it your own. Don’t settle for common, or normal. This is your engagement ring, a symbol of your everlasting love. Show the world how unique that love is. Black diamonds speak volumes of your individualism and knack for standing out, let them tell the world that this is your life, one that will never bend to conventionalism.


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