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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings is both classic and elegant as they are one of the most versatile cuts available for your diamond. Not only is an emerald cut incredibly beautiful, but it can also be styled beautifully with almost any setting. Diamonds that have been shaped into an emerald cut feature both the sheen and clarity of any beautiful ring.

Anatomy Of The Emerald Cut Diamond

Historically, this attractive rectangular cut has been used to show off the beauty of richly colored gemstones for over 300 years. Within the last century, emerald cut diamond engagement rings have made a beautiful impact on proposal trends as this unique shape can also show off the beauty of a near perfect stone. This signature cut contains 58 facets in total, with 25 on the Crown and Pavilion, and an additional eight on the Girdle. The unique effect caused by these prominent edges draws the eye inward to the stone, which enhances the sparkle and clarity of the diamond.

The Best Emerald Cut Diamond Settings

Any setting, whether uniquely modern or classically traditional, can show off the beauty of emerald cut diamond rings. In order to get the most sparkle from your diamond, putting it into a four prong setting can be an excellent way to allow a great deal of light to shine straight through. Emerald cut diamonds can also be incredibly beautiful on their own as a solitaire or centered among side stones for a more traditional look.

Are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Right For You?

These beautiful diamonds are striking on the finger of any confident and lovely individual. Emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for fun loving risk takers who have a soft spot in their heart for anything vintage. These stunning, rectangular shaped diamonds can be an elegant throwback to the 1940s when these stones were very prominent among many beautiful young women.

Emerald is a classic and beautiful cut for any modern or traditional style of engagement ring. Choose below from our many available emerald diamond engagement rings.