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Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring


When it’s time to pop the question, you’re about to make the most important jewelry purchase of your life – the diamond engagement ring. This ring is a symbol of your love, and you want it to be perfect! With so many options to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fear not, we have all the information you need to make buying a stunning diamond engagement ring simple and stress free. Use these tips to ensure your engagement ring purchase is nothing short of spectacular.


Listen for any hints your partner may be dropping about what kind of ring she’s dreaming of.  Does she want a white gold engagement ring? What about yellow or rose gold? Perhaps she’s been hoping for a platinum setting. Has she mentioned the diamond shape she wants? These details will be crucial when you go to purchase the perfect diamond engagement ring. If there haven’t been hints and you haven’t been talking about it together, ask her friends for advice. Chances are she’s told them some of the things she’s hoping for and they may be able to help you pull off the surprise.


Don’t play a guessing game with the ring size. Nothing is more disappointing than presenting a beautiful ring, hearing that one word you’re waiting for (“YES!”), and then having the ring not fit.  If it’s too small, she won’t be able to put it on and wear it. It’s not as fun to announce your engagement without being able to show off a beautiful diamond ring. If it’s too big, not only do you risk the ring falling off and getting lost, but the same announcement problem comes into play. Sneak one of her rings – make sure it’s one she wears relatively often – and have it sized by a trusted jeweler. Then you’ll know that when the moment arrives, the ring will fit like a glove.

The Four Cs

If you’ve been researching diamond rings, you probably know the four major things to consider: cut, carat, color and clarity.


There are plenty of beautiful shapes to choose from. From the classic and brilliant round cut setting to the fresh and sparkling asscher cut, this information will guide the rest of your diamond choices.


The carat weight is important to many people, as they equate this with diamond size. The heavier a diamond is, the more expensive it is. That being said, two diamonds of the same weight may have different values depending on other qualities like color and clarity.


If shopping for a white diamond, the color can vary from absolutely colorless (D grade) to a light yellow tint (N through Z grades). Some diamonds may appear colorless once mounted, so be sure to ask your jewelry about this. Some modern brides are opting for colored diamonds to white ones; we’ll discuss this later.


There are tiny imperfections in every diamond. The gem’s clarity rating is based on how visible these imperfections are. From FL (flawless) to SI (Small Imperfections) or I (Imperfect), this rating will help you choose a beautiful gem. If you can’t see the imperfection or the imperfections are in a diamond that has been strategically cut by a master jeweler, you may be able to purchase a stone with a lower quality rating and still have a beautiful engagement ring.

Consider the Set

Many women choose to wear a wedding band with their engagement ring after the wedding. Keep this in mind as you choose a diamond engagement ring, as the shape of the ring may affect how another band fits next to it. Also think about what kind of wedding band you will want to wear, if you choose to do so. Some couples like bands that match or have similar elements to show off their partnership.


Every bride wants a ring that beautifully represents their personal style. This can mean anything from choosing a vintage setting, to opting for a pink or even a black diamond for the center stone. Other colored gems like emeralds and sapphires are also being used for beautiful, colorful engagement rings as the centerpiece or accent stones. Another option that adds to the uniqueness of an engagement ring is a rough-cut or “raw” stone. Consider your partner’s personality, style and adventurousness before purchasing an engagement ring and you’ll know the right one when you see it.

Custom Options

If after all the shopping you decide that you just haven’t found the right ring yet, a custom piece may be the way to go. A master jeweler will be able to help you create your own perfect piece that exactly matches the ring in your head. Plus, knowing that you went to great lengths to make the ring absolutely perfect will only impress even more.

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