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Engagement Ring Recon: 6 Top Tips For Beginners

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When you know, you just know. Making the decision to pop the question is a big one, and starting the engagement ring buying process can be overwhelming. From the ‘Four C’s’ to finding something unique that shows off her personal style, there are a lot of details that go into making the biggest jewelry purchase of your life. Don’t worry, Classic Diamond House has all the tips you need to make your engagement ring shopping successful and stress-free. This one’s for you, guys (ladies – share this post with your man!).

Determine Her Engagement Ring Style

Every girl has an idea of what kind of engagement ring she wants. Now’s the time to start listening intently whenever she talks about jewelry. You’ll be able to pick up on whether she loves a vintage look, or if a modern design is what she’s been dreaming of. This information will be invaluable when you start ring shopping and can help weed out lots of styles.

Ask Her Friends

It’s totally acceptable to do engagement ring recon with her friends. Talk to the ladies about what they’ve heard her say she’s wanting, and they can probably point you to her not-so-secret Pinterest board of wedding stuff. If you’re trying to keep the proposal on the down-low, talk to a trusted few friends that you know won’t spill the secret.

Finding Her Size

This may be one of the harder parts of keeping a proposal plan secret, but there are ways to find her ring size without her knowing. If you can snag one of her other favorite rings, it’s a pretty good bet you’ll be close to her size. The most common ring size is 6 or 6.5, but don’t stress too much. Rings can always be re-sized. That being said, it can be pretty disappointing to come to the end of a beautiful proposal, have her say “YES!”, and the ring doesn’t fit. She wants to show it off! Do your due diligence and get as close to her size as possible. If you’ve been talking about getting engaged, it can be safe to ask her for her ring size. She’ll know you’re going to pop the question, but you’ll still have the element of surprise for the actual proposal.

engagement ring

Go Incognito (Then Take A Buddy Later)

It’s great to shop on your own. You can do lots of research online, but taking a look in person is a good way to get an idea of what you’re in for. Have a budget in mind, go armed with the style information you’ve gathered and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Not seeing anything you love? See if a custom piece is an option. It can sound scary and expensive, but you’ll be surprised at how affordable getting exactly what you want can be. You can even design your own ring at Classic Diamond House so you’re positive that the ring she wants is what you’ll end up with.

After you’ve done some looking around on your own, take someone with you to do another pass. This can be a married buddy who has done this before, or one of her closest friends who would have insider information on what she’d like.

How Much To Spend

Knowing how much to budget for an engagement ring isn’t hard. The “three months salary” rule is pretty dated, so don’t get freaked out if you’re not able to spend that specific amount. You should spend what you can afford. Buy her the best possible ring that she will love within your budget, and you look like a rock star.

Got bad credit? You can still buy a really beautiful engagement ring. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a diamond that is just a hair under a particular carat weight. The naked eye won’t be able to tell you purchased a .90-carat diamond vs. a full carat. Plus, buying a loose diamond and setting separately will save you some cash and allow you to get exactly what you want.

Click here to learn more about financing and upgrade options at Classic Diamond House.

Buying Online vs. Offline

Engagement ring shopping online can save you some serious cash. But the lure of being able to see the ring before you pay for it sways a lot of buyers into paying more at jewelry chains. If you’re going to buy online, do your research and choose a trusted site with great reviews, plus check their return policies out before you buy. You can always take a diamond purchased online to a brick-and-mortar jewelry store to have it set.

Lucky for you, Classic Diamond House has a great NYC showroom and a fantastic online selection, so you get the best of both worlds. That, paired with our top-notch customer service and experienced jewelers creating your dream engagement ring, you’ll become a customer for life.

Ready to shop? Classic Diamond House is a third-generation jeweler with a showroom in the heart of NYC in addition to an online store that will blow you away. Stop by our showroom today. Have questions about our selection of diamonds? Call us at 888-221-0111 or drop us an email at

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  1. Josh Gann on March 2, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    You should put thought into buying your engagement ring. Not only is it a major purchase, but it also represents your love for each other.

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