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5 Fun Engagement Photo Shoot Locations

Just like proposals, engagement photo shoot has become a way for couples to showcase their personalities and relationships creatively. Amazing wedding and engagement photo shoots have often become a source of inspiration online, and so we have a few fun location ideas for engagement photo shoots that we know you’ll enjoy.

These types of creative shoots become a memorable opportunity to showcase your engagement ring and your relationship as a couple. Do some research for available locations in your area and have fun!

In the Snow

BuzzFeed covered a fun engagement shoot in a blizzard earlier this year in the Washington, D.C. area. The snow falling on the couple gave a great unique photo background, and the white snow covering everything in side made the couple the star of the photo. If you live in a snowy area and love the weather, these types of engagement photos could be right up your alley.

Where You Got Engaged

If you got engaged in a fun location or in a unique way, it could be fun to go back to that location to get your engagement photos taken. For instance, I got engaged in front of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, and having a photo shoot there would be a memorable way to memorialize that fun night together.

On Vacation

Many people take a “babymoon” before their child comes, how about taking a pre-wedding vacation as an excuse to take engagement photos? If you’re from another country or have always loved the Caribbean but aren’t getting married there, getting photos taken there can be a great way to memorialize places that have been special to you. Taking a trip before the wedding can also be a fun celebration of your engagement and a chance to relax before most of the wedding planning starts.

Another option is to prepare for a photo shoot as part of the engagement itself. If you know you’re going to propose while on vacation, why not hire a photographer to capture that moment and a few photos of you two celebrating afterwards?

Sporting Event or Field

If you have the budget and they have the availability, I’ve seen many weddings happen at baseball, soccer, or football stadiums. But what about getting your engagement photos done there?

If you and your fiancée are huge sports fans, why not get photos taken where you both love going to support your local teams? A baseball game could be a fun place to take some engagement photos. Or, even just asking if it’s possible to get a few photos on home plate before the game could lead to a great photo and memory you’ll both remember for years to come.

At a Carnival or Amusement Park

Most cities have a carnival every summer, and the bigger cities even have amusement parks with rollercoasters and games all year-round. These bright, colorful locations make for perfect engagement shoots, especially if you both have fun, vibrant personalities.

There were a lot of carnival engagement photos to choose from on Instagram, but this one is a perfect example of a sweet engagement photo that the couple will remember for years to come:

Besides the above, there are tons of other unique places to take photos: farms, parks, playgrounds, even the aquarium or swimming pool. If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your engagement, think outside the box with a unique photo shoot location.

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