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Lea Michele Flaunts Her Stunning Engagement Ring

This woman has her every right to show-off her massive and stunning engagement ring. Former Glee actress Lea Michele is now engaged after the couple began dating since July 2017. The two have known each other for a long time, in fact, they are friends before they started dating, and it looks like things have only gotten romantically from there. Michele and Reich have been always discreet with their relationship. They first went public as a couple just last summer, but still, they have largely kept their romance out of the spotlight.

Lea Michele with Zandy Reich

Zandy Reich is the president of the clothing company AYR. Their engagement was confirmed through an Instagram post by Michele on Saturday, April 29 along with the caption “Yes” and a diamond ring emoji. That post was followed by another photo showing their 1st photo together as an engaged couple. The photo was captioned “Still on cloud 9! ☁️✨ I 💓 you Z.. 💍” while flaunting her four-carat engagement ring.

Their first photo as an engaged couple was taken on a perfect weather at the beach. It is with a bright blue sky and calm waves as a background. The couple posed facing the camera with Michele’s beautiful smile. Michele’s left arm rested on Reich’s chest showing-off her massive four-carat rectangular diamond ring. Zandy Reich personally designed the ring and the designer Leor Yerushalmi helped him get it done.

Lea Michelle's Engagement RingThe four-carat diamond engagement ring on Michele’s finger is referred to as a rectangular radiant cut. It was just timely because the radiant cut is in fashion right now. It looks beautiful when its facets make the sparkles of the diamond like an explosion. Along with the diamond halo that is set on a single, pave diamond band that makes it sparkle more. Yes, the design was just simple, yet it is without a doubt a visually striking piece of jewelry with a prominent four-carat diamond weight. That long radiant-cut like Michele’s engagement ring has been a very rare diamond difficult to obtain. The cut of the stone itself and to produce that kind of sparkle is extraordinary. No doubt, Reich made real efforts designing a custom-make and really chose a rare style, cut, size diamond means a lot.

An elongated radiant cut can be traced back from an antique and vintage jewelry design. But this diamond ring style has maintained its timeless appeal. A radiant cut diamond likely to catch the eye of a woman with its modern sense of fashion. The cut corners and the straight edges that define the peculiarity of the shape speak to a modernized sensibility.