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Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds – History of Timeless Elegance and Love

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds have a rich history of timeless elegance and love stories.

Once upon a time, in 1477 Archduke Maximilian of Austria unwittingly set a trend that would subsist for the next 540+ years; he gifted his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, a diamond ring as a symbol of their bond and intent.  We continue that tradition today, gifting a ring to our beloveds with the same symbolism and significance.

Over the centuries, the gems of these symbols have followed trends; we’ve created birthstones, and engineered ways to distinguish the beauty and brilliance of each rare gem harvested from the earth.  The artistry of design and metal smithing have evolved into nothing short of a wearable art.  We seek out artisans to craft these micro-sculptures with purpose, as a symbol of our love, unity, and presence of person.

Queen VictoriaIn the Victorian era it became customary to add gems of different colors, to an engagement ring, and to allow metal smiths to incorporate additional rare metals and filigrees to the bands and baskets that display these sculpted and polished stones.

What we have come to value most about these symbols and gestures is what they represent of us, as individuals and as a union; and that is why we choose Diamonds.

Of all the precious gems and metals that come from the earth, nothing is as stalwart as a Diamond.  The very creation of Diamonds takes us to deep, dark fathoms in the earth where heat, and pressure, and time conspire against the simplest of elements to produce something splendid, and rare, and indissoluble.

Diamonds represent everything we would be to each other.  Our promise to each other that in the darkness we will grow together.  Through the fire we will meld together.  When outside forces would conspire against us, our bond strengthens that none can bring us asunder.   Through time we will emerge stronger and our light will astound in its brilliance and inspire awe.

In honor of this, our artisans craft each stone by hand to realize the fire and brilliance of their individuality, just as we cherish and encourage one another.  Of all of the ways we achieve this uniqueness in each stone, none is as timeless and classic as the Brilliant Round Cut Diamond.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds unleash the fire of the stone, and are just as radiant on their own as they are in an intricately crafted setting or accompanied by other stones.  Brilliant Round Diamond Engagement Rings will always catch the eye first.  These diamonds are solid foundations to build upon, whether it’s adding an elaborate channel set band, or fully wrapped basket around the stone.

Brilliant round cut diamond engagement ring.

The Brilliant Round is a timeless simple beauty that is considered an heirloom not only because it is the first artisan cut achieved, but because no cut since has met its standard.  It remains steadfast through trends, and iterations and requires no further improvement.

A Classic Brilliant Round diamond is easy to embellish with additional bands.  Today’s trend is to mix metals and stones and “stack” bands around a solitaire.  Opting for an intricately crafted setting, with a higher basket and even basket wraps to bring the light from underneath and really set the stone aglow.

A Brilliant round sparkles just a little differently with different precious metals, but it NEVER gets lost in the setting.  Those 58 facets that divide the stone symmetrically from top to bottom unleash the sparkle like no other cut.

If you can only make one, small gesture, make it Brilliant.

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