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6 Hilarious Engagement Photo Shoots

As covered in my last blog post, there are tons of sweet and creative places to take engagement photos. But what if you are looking for something different or want to showcase your sense of humor? The following couples (and one who is single!) took a unique stance for their engagement photos to make them more memorable than just posing next to brick walls or in a field.

Check out the following funny engagement photos and be sure to check out our round cut engagement rings when you’re ready to have a funny fiancée of your own!

Find a Celebrity

If you happen to know of or see any celebrities around your engagement photo shoot, why not have them in your photo? That’s what happened to one couple who had the opportunity to have actor Bill Murray in their photos:

Bill happened to be nearby and was up for posing with the couple. Because Bill has been known to often crash parties and other events, it’s no surprise he was game for a few photos with the soon-to-be bride and groom.

Turn The Tables

The next couple was sick of seeing “traditional” photo shoots where the woman was hanging all over her groom, while he looked stoically at the camera. So they flipped the script and the groom acted goo-goo eyed, while the bride stood nearby as his steady support.

Funny engagement photo shoot

via Malia Moss

Another funny twist on this idea would be to have the woman carry the man on her back or in her arms. Any twist on traditional photos makes them have more personality.

Do a Themed Engagement Photo Shoot

If you are running out of ideas, try a themed engagement shoot. This couple in Alabama decided to hit up the thrift store and get some 70s outfits to wear in their photos. The results are funny, awkward photos that play up the couple’s bond and sense of humor:

Funny engagement photo shoot

screenshot via

Of course, they took a few more traditional photos in their normal attire, but the themed photos are guaranteed for a laugh for years to come.

Do a Pet Engagement Photo Shoot

If you already share a pet with your loved one, try doing a photo shot with them, as this couple tried to do with their dachshund. The results were several hilarious outtakes of their dog standing front and center, often becoming the main focus of the shot. Even though these weren’t necessarily the photos they planned, pet photobombs can be a fun way to capture your new family and life together.

Funny engagement photo shoot ideas

via DnK photography

Still Single? Try a Solo “Engagement” Session

A San Francisco resident was sick of seeing all the wedding and engagement photos popping up in his Facebook newsfeed. So, he decided to do a photo shoot with the “current love of his life”—a tin-foil wrapped burrito. The results on BuzzFeed show so many romantic shots, whether it’s in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, or enjoying the beautiful weather in the park together.

If you’re looking for a funny way to get your family to back off from asking you when you’re going to “settle down,” maybe a funny photo shoot with the things you care about or are loving currently in life will give them a laugh and quiet them down for a while.

Go to Your Favorite Location

A couple recently had their engagement photos taken in a place you’d never think of to take romantic photos celebrating your upcoming marriage: warehouse giant Costco. The result are amusing photos taken with large bundles of meat and proposal stances in front of huge boxes of cereal and other products.

We got our engagement photos taken at Costco

If you are looking for a funny location for engagement photos, consider a store you both frequent together or the place where you met (just be sure to get the store’s permission first). If it’s somewhere random, like the counter at McDonald’s, all the better. A nostalgic location makes your engagement photo shoot more memorable and allows you to have fun with your partner.

No matter what type of engagement photos you take (or if you even taken any at all), the team at Classic Diamond House is here to make the process of getting wedding rings easier than ever!

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