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6 Creative Engagement Ring Box Ideas

Despite the fact that a proposal without a ring box is more cautious and classic, it can also be risky. An engagement ring box is not just an ordinary box with an appealing design. But rather, it is a box that will protect the ring from breakage, diamond chipping or worse, from lost.

Avocado Engagement Ring Box

Avocado engagement ring box

Just this February, a unique way of proposal has gained a spot on the social media trends. An engagement ring was put inside an avocado which turned to be an avocado engagement ring box. This weird but true practice of an engagement proposal has gone through different news outlets just recently. Who would not love avocados? Everyone knows its benefits and how tasty avocados are.  But who would have thought it would be a great place to hide engagement rings? This Avocado proposal might have been a hot topic for an engagement proposal since the start of this year. But, there are still a lot of ideas on where to put your engagement ring as unique and special as your loved one. Especially that an avocado can only be used during the proposal, it can’t be kept for a long time to keep the ring safe and secure when not in use.

The engagement ring box is used to present your special symbol of love and commitment so it is also almost as important as the ring itself. Luckily, there are lots of types of boxes to choose from that will perfectly display the glistening brilliance of the ring. And if you can’t pick any of the ready-made designs, it is so much better to go for a DIY ring box.

Wooden Rustic Ring Box

Wooden rustic engagement ring box

For a classic and rustic look, you may opt to choose a wooden rustic engagement ring box. It may be simple but it has a vintage appeal look especially for those who value artifacts. The look can be achieved through sanding, painting and finishing it with a varnish or a white paint to make it more like an antique.

Floral Fabric Engagement Ring Box

Floral fabric engagement ring box

If your special someone loves flowers, let her be fascinated with the floral fabric ring box. This engagement ring box idea is made out of an origami or what you call as a paper folding art. Layers of a cotton fabric were folded differently and then assembled together through a stitch. Add linings to make the box stable and firm and for the finishing touch, put ribbons and beads or anything you find that will match your design.

Personalized Book Engagement Ring Box

Book engagement ring box

There are different types of personalities, and this can help you decide on what engagement ring box that your partner would definitely love. Having a special someone that is bookish can also be challenging. You might think that she may not appreciate it. But, what if you put in some effort? Try customizing a ring box for her that is made of a book not just to impress her but rather to make her heart melt. You can write your own love story on your personalized book engagement ring box. At the very end of the story was your question and as she turns the page was the secret compartment for your engagement ring. Can you just imagine her reaction that is worth the effort you’ve put into it? So romantic, isn’t it?

Seashell Engagement Ring Box

Seashell engagement ring box

Someone who admires the magnificent sunset, the cool breeze, and the beautiful beach waves would really love this. A seashell engagement ring box is one of the most ideal customizable storage for your ring. A shell can be painted, decorated with beads, stones or any other ornaments that match your taste. If you do not want to be overly decorated, you can also leave the shell untouched. You can use it as is, the shell’s natural beauty is more than enough to make her heart flutter.

Sports Ball Engagement Ring Box

Sporty engagement ring box

Another sure hit ring box for a sporty bride-to-be is a sports ball engagement ring box. You will just have to make an extra effort if you really want to impress her with your creative skills. Choose a ball sport that she’s really a fan with. If this sport has a too large ball for your ring, you can use their miniature sized balls. You can cut the ball yourself or let an expert do it for a more polished look. Whatever sports ball it is, I am pretty sure it is a goal to her heart!

There are many other various engagement ring box designs that can be customized. Keep in mind that the box itself is not the most important gift, but the ring is. The ring box should showcase the ring beautiful and proud without overshadowing it.