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Top 10 Ideas to Photograph Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are guaranteed to be included in your wedding album. But if you want a photo that showcases your wedding bands and your gorgeous engagement ring, it’s important to create the perfect backdrop. The best way to do that is to get creative. Remember, your wedding bands are already beautiful on their own, so your wedding photographer is guaranteed to capture a beautiful shot! For inspiration, we collected our ten favorite photos along with great tips that are sure to give you great ideas for your own photos!

ring box1. On the Ring Box

A simple and creative backdrop that wont take the attention away from the rings.

Tip: If your ring box is simple, add a bow or ribbon to it.

food desert2. On Top of Food

The photographer of this photo took the opportunity to work with the beautiful pink
and white colors of the wedding deserts. It made the perfect/clean backdrop for the rings.

Tip: If you feel like the desert is too simple , add some flowers.

chalk3. Using Chalk

Chalk is the ultimate creative tool you can use. You can use the chalk to write anything!

Idea: Your wedding date, your names, ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ and/or ‘I Love You’.

flowers4. The Wedding Bouquet

The colors of the flowers adds a simple beauty to the photo. You will want to have it

Tip: Try a close up shot.

beach5. In the Sand

This is perfect for beach weddings.

Tip: Try getting water into the shot. It will add a little extra to the photo.

rings6. On A Piano

A great idea for a bride and groom who loves music!

Idea: It makes a beautiful black & white photo.

RINGS7. With The Brides Shoes

Every bride takes the time to find the perfect pair of shoes that will go with her dress, so it’s important
to get a good photo of it. Using it as a backdrop is a perfect opportunity!

Tip: Make sure the rings don’t get lost in the photo. Use the shoes to help keep the focus on the rings.

RING8. By Water

The blue and green hue of the water is a beautiful contrast
for wedding rings, especially white gold ones!

Tip: If your wedding venue is not near water, a fountain can create the illusion of an ocean!

cake9. On the Cake Topper

Your wedding photographer is sure to capture a photo of the wedding cake. Adding the rings to
the cake topper is the ultimate fun and creative photo!

Tip: Take the cake topper off the cake for the photo.

wedding decour10. With the Wedding Table Centerpiece

The table centerpieces and wedding decor is no doubt gorgeous!
And that’s what makes it a great backdrop for your wedding ring photo!

And there it is! Ten photos that show how much a backdrop can do for the photo.
We are excited to read which photo you like best, in the comments below.
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Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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